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Biography of Zane Mersky

This is my first year in Hong Kong and I am very excited to explore this amazing city and to begin my journey at Fairchild. I am a Canadian, from Toronto, Ontario, and have been working with children since I was 18 as a counsellor at a summer camp. This is where I discovered my passion for working with children of all ages. While attending University in Nashville, Tennessee I majored in Business and spent a lot of time learning about my other passion, music. After University I pursued a career in the record label industry however I soon realized this was not the career for me.

After doing some soul searching it became abundantly clear that I should pursue my passion for working with children. I went back to school in Buffalo, New York and earned a Masters in Childhood Education. Shortly after graduating I moved to South Korea where I worked at an international school in their Reggio inspired Kindergarten, where I discovered how empowering and meaningful this approach can be for children of all learning styles and backgrounds. After a couple of years in Korea, it was time for a change and I was extremely fortunate to find a home at Fairchild Kindergarten.

Through the Reggio approach it became obvious that all children are competent in various ways, and their different abilities need to be recognized in order for them to grow socially, emotionally and intellectually. I strive to create a classroom that is student-driven, where children explore and inquire while feeling safe and comfortable. I’m drawn to the early years of a child’s education because I believe the right start is critical to success in later years. Likewise, ensuring that my students enjoy their learning experience is essential, because a positive experience early on will influence their ability to learn throughout their lives.