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Biography of Yolanda Cao

I was born and raised in north China. After graduating from Law School, I worked in a law firm and then in the consulting industry for many years in Shanghai.

I found my passion for teaching when I was pursuing my masters degree in Singapore. During this time I had the chance to help a group of young children from South Korea with their Mandarin study. When I saw them making impressive progress with their school work and achieving good results in school exams, I felt a big sense of achievement for myself and my students. From that moment, I knew I would love to become a teacher if I had the opportunity.

When I moved to Hong Kong, I continued my studies at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, and got my Master of Arts degree in Teaching Chinese as an International Language, as well as a certificate of Advanced Korean Language.

When I had my first child, I experienced new challenges everyday as it is definitely not easy being a mom. Every parent wants his/her children to grow healthy, both physically and mentally. And I realized in order to achieve it, I needed to improve myself to be a better parent first. From then, I started professional reading in early childhood education and built my passion for this career. So far I have been focusing on early childhood development and have achieved a teaching certificate in Montessori education. Currently, I am working on developing a deeper understanding of the Reggio Emilia philosophy to broaden my knowledge and experience as an educator.

I love to spend time with children. During the weekends, I often organize playdates for my children with their friends and families. We go hiking, have picnics in the park, or cook at home. I also like to read books for my children after dinner and before bedtime, or at any time they want. This is my most enjoyable moment of the day.

The Reggio Emilia approach respects children’s personalities and creativity, guides children to express their ideas through ‘a hundred languages’, and helps them in building up positive relationships with the environment. My son Frank has great memories from his time at Fairchild, and my daughter Felicia has also been enjoying her time at Fairchild currently. Both of them made significant progress by learning through the Reggio Emilia approach. As a parent and an educator, I trust Fairchild. I look forward to helping children in exploring the world, and sharing the precious memory of their early years.