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Biography of Winsy Poon

Seeing the smiles from children and knowing that they are happy and feeling loved is one of the motivators in my life. Having worked in the education field for over 12 years, I have provided professional advice and conducted workshops for parents and helpers on child development, social skills, and activities for their children at home. I also provide advice to several early childhood publications in Hong Kong.

I am experienced in different areas of child development with extensive knowledge surrounding behavioral therapy and consultation for children with special learning needs.

From my previous experience as a Chief Behavioral and Language Development Supervisor, I worked directly with children to supervise each individual case, staff training, consultation and assessment to families. I have also developed training, education and behavioral plans for public and private school teachers to adapt and manage the behavior of students who have been diagnosed with special needs. During the years, I have taken part in school shadowing and working with the learning support teams in both local and international schools from kindergarten to primary school.

I have experience in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis with individuals diagnosed with global developmental delay, learning disabilities, speech delay, dyslexia, Aspergers Syndrome, social anxiety, and autism. I have done collaborative work with other professional consultants including medical practitioners, psychologists, speech-language pathologists, school principals, teachers and special needs teams.

I was responsible for designing individual educational plans and completing developmental assessments during my years as Class Supervisor at kindergarten. My main responsibilities included designing specific school work and activities to facilitate learning that matched the student’s level, performing assessments to monitor the child’s learning progress on a regular interval, and to create tailor-made activities to facilitate social interactions and conversations between children with autism spectrum disorder and typically developing peers.

I graduated from Ontario’s York University and now reside in Hong Kong with my husband and two boys. My passion to love and educate children has grown more than ever and I am always happy to share my experience and stories with everyone. I believe every child has different strengths and vulnerabilities and all children develop differently. Children have different personalities, possess different strengths and therefore require different kinds of support to meet their individual needs. I always believe that love, passion, care and patience are the keys to understanding our children.