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Biography of Roxanne Man

I have always been most driven by every baby step I get to witness in my classes. Children are instinctive. They learn so much better as a group but they also need a lot of space to feel their own ways. That’s why Fairchild was the first school for both of my children and I am privileged to now have the opportunity to contribute to this environment to support like-minded parents.

I received my degree in Psychology and my Postgraduate Diploma in Early Childhood Education from HKU. When I was a student I had lots of fun being immersed in different cultures, the most memorable of those being months of voluntary work in Poland and Malaysia. I hope I will be able to bring some cultural elements to my classes at Fairchild and offer these young souls even just a glimpse of a very colourful world out there.

I enjoy learning about different ways of parenting so please give me a shout if you would like to compare notes!