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Biography of Philo J Samuel

I am originally from Singapore but Hong Kong has been my home for the last 28 years. I have been an avid All Blacks supporter since my arrival into Hong Kong!

I have been teaching for the last 12 years in Hong Kong as a registered kindergarten teacher with the Education Bureau. In addition to teaching, I have experience in leadership roles as School Supervisor and Grade Level Co-ordinator, in both international and local schools.

As a ‘third culture child’ growing up in a diplomatic family, I have developed an understanding that there is more than one way to look at situations that I am exposed to or experience. This was further compounded by my 3 years of service in the Singapore Armed Forces as a NCO, where communication, team work, perseverance and leadership skills were core values. All of this has undoubtedly carried over to my teaching career as I strive to instill the same values in my children. Prior to entering the education field, I had been a flight attendant with Cathay Pacific Airways for 15 years.

My experiences allow me to understand that the social and emotional connections children have at school, impact their learning and success in the classroom. Building a sense of community and belonging is so important.

It has been my privilege and joy to watch personalities unfold in children; to love, laugh, play, learn and enrich our lives together. It gives me great pleasure to witness their growth as individuals, exploring their independence and developing their confidence. The sparkle in their eyes as they discover and construct knowledge for themselves, brightens up my day as a teacher. I love to laugh with my children. I think that humour brings the best out of people and it always creates a fun atmosphere.

I am thrilled to be part of the Fairchild Junior Academy team, to be part of a vision that places value and focus on laying down a lifelong, healthy and solid foundation for children.