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Biography of Naomi So

Children bring a great sense of joy to me with their sincere smiles and energetic interactions.

Merging joy into my working environment is one of my dreams. That’s why I pursued my career in the field of Early Childhood Education and have been in the role of Senior Administration Officer since 2013. My past work experiences included 6 years in customer service and center management in the education field where I worked closely with parents and families. During these years, the most awesome thing was to witness the development of children day by day. Being apart of this journey provided a lot of positive energy to me in my work.

My other inspiration in life is singing. Singing has always been my go to activity for all occasions. It also gave me lots of awesome memories during my school life. My love for music can be traced back to when I was a child and there are recorded videos of me as a child becoming excited whenever music was played. Playing volleyball with friends is also my favourite activity during my days off which not only releases stress but also gives me the opportunity to spend time with my friends. I also enjoy spending my spare time with my nephew, such as going to the beach or for a picnic to enjoy the natural environment. I treasure the time with my nephew and his curiously has inspired me to think a lot about how we treat everything in our lives.

I am glad to be part of Fairchild Junior Academy since 2019 and I hope that my passion can be shared with each of you.