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Biography of Leisa Sowerby

Motivating, coaching and supporting others to develop themselves has always been a passion of mine, of which I have spent most of my career doing in the global fitness industry. I was born to Maori and English parents and grew up in Hamilton, New Zealand but have also lived in the United Kingdom, Australia and Hong Kong. My family encouraged multiculturalism, nurturing and developing others. This sparked my curiosity to discover more about people and their cultures. I studied the Arts and Business Communication at University, subsequently have studied Executive Coaching, Teaching English for Language Learners and am currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Education. Children are a large part of my family’s life and with there being so many within my family and so internationally spread out, we have always fostered being supportive and inclusive with each other, especially to encourage the children to learn and discover for themselves.

I spent 2012-2017 in Hong Kong in a leading international fitness company travelling globally to educate, inspire and motivate others. Having the pleasure of inspiring people is a very educating, rewarding, and humbling experience. After pursuing a career in coaching fitness, I moved to Melbourne in 2017 to be closer to my family, where I was fortunate enough to see first-hand my nephews and nieces developing and discovering themselves. I was also privy to be surrounded by many children through working in childcare and fitness facilities. It was through these experiences that my passion for coaching and educating young people became apparent to me. Observing young people developing their confidence and their curiosity is a privilege and extremely rewarding. They inspired me to direct my skills towards childhood education.

After completing a Certificate in English Language Teaching Adults, I returned to Hong Kong in 2019 to work in a prestigious Hong Kong kindergarten and completed an international Post Graduate Certificate in Education. Being involved with children’s development only made me more eager to be a part of a team that treats children as people and gives them opportunities to experience and discover things for themselves while offering guidance when needed. I now have the pleasure of being part of the talented and caring Fairchild family and look forward to getting to know you and your children and working together to build better foundations for your children’s futures.