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Biography of Karen Kwan

Hi there! I am a Teacher Associate at Fairchild Junior Academy. I am a Hong Konger who has always enjoyed being with young children. After completing primary school in a local school in Hong Kong, I moved to the U.S. when I was 12 years old and received my education there from 7th grade on. My love for young children has led me to study Early Childhood Development at The University of Texas at Austin.

After I obtained my bachelor’s degree, my passion for children led me to study Social Work at Columbia University. There, in the midst of the bustling New York City, I obtained my master’s degree in Social Work, a broadened view of the world, and an experience of a lifetime!

After graduation, I came full circle back to Hong Kong to work as a social worker. It has been such a privilege working with families and children from all walks of life – be it providing assistance to asylum seekers or bringing together forever families through local and international adoption. My journey as a social worker has been incredible and rewarding.

I realized I can be who I am today because of my parents. My parents gave me thefreedom to pursue my passion with the strong support of a quality education from theEast and the West, which built a solid foundation that allowed me to pursue my dreams and passion.

As an educator, I want to pass on this blessing to the next generation. My passion in working with young children and my belief in the importance of education brought me here today at Fairchild Junior Academy – a school that believes in nurturing children’s curiosity and the innate desire for exploration so they can thrive; a place that respects children for who they are. Every child is unique, and FJA and I know that a quality, child-centered education builds children up to become who they are meant to be.

I am absolutely thrilled to be part of the FJA team, a group of visionaries who strive for a high educational standard, the happiness for our children, and raising holistic members of society.