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Biography of Daizy Jed Galang

I discovered my passion for teaching whilst working as an assistant teacher in 2012. Nothing gives me more fulfilment than seeing students grow and become successful in their learning endeavours. I have worked with children between 6 months to 12 years of age. However, I believe that it is during their early years that we need to provide a strong foundation for them and that compelled me to commit in becoming an educator in Early Childhood Education.

I am a mother of three children, and this wonderful experience has helped me recognise children’s developmental milestones having witnessed them first-hand. When I’m not teaching, I like baking with my children and this allowed me to share my love for cooking with students and parents in school. They love baking in class as it gives them practical, real life experience with measurement and math skills as well as learning how everything in the world has its cause and effect.

My first passion was music as I came to Hong Kong in 2008 as a singer. I find singing in the classroom my new comfort zone! I love that being a teacher enabled me to witness the beautiful impact of having music around as a form of expression and arts as I believe in the saying that “every child is an artist.”

The Reggio Emilia approach opened my eyes to a more innovative way of teaching, how to utilize nature and the environment, and use it as the third teacher. As an educator, I believe in providing a stimulating environment where children are encouraged to explore, be creative and be confident in expressing themselves on their journey to learning about the world around them and their role in it. There is nothing more liberating than seeing a child play and learn through experiencing the world and what it can offer. I look forward to working and learning with your child.