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Biography of Charlotte Mills

Hello, my name is Charlotte and I am so looking forward to joining you all at FJA in the near future!

A little bit about me, I have been living in Hong Kong for almost four years now. I arrived in the summer of 2019 and began working as an Educator at Ocean Park. It was a very exciting and rewarding experience for me to be able to start educating our youngest learners about different animals and simple conservation messages. It was fantastic to be able to facilitate children in their learning about nature and the environment, an interest very close to my heart!

I studied Education Studies at the University of Plymouth, back in the United Kingdom, a course which allowed me to learn about various educational models and philosophies. I am so excited to begin working in an environment which encompasses the educational belief I resonate with most closely, Reggio Emilia.

In my spare time I love making the most of Hong Kong's incredible access to nature by hiking, going to the beach, scuba diving and just generally being outside as much as I can! I love to travel, I don't go anywhere without a book and I believe I like almost all foods (apart from sweetcorn...).

Can't wait to meet you all soon!