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Biography of Anna d'Auriol

Being around children has always been a passion of mine, even from a young age. The thing I love most about working with children is the feeling and responsibility that I can shape and guide children into being well-rounded, curious, creative and confident human beings.

I was born and raised in Hong Kong with a mixed background of French, Chinese and Austrian. I attended several international schools including Chinese International School, Canadian International School and South Island School where I graduated from. For the following 2 years, I spent my time in Hong Kong working in a variety of kindergartens and international schools. My passion for children lead me to London for 3 years where I earned my Bachelors in Early Childhood Education. This experience enabled me to further develop my understanding of children's development and behaviour.

An all time favourite of mine is hanging out at the beach with my friends. I love the sand and sea as it gives me energy and recharges my batteries. Working with children uses a lot of energy so being able to regenerate is important. I also like to stay active and healthy in the gym, mixing up my exercise on a daily basis. I enjoy doing different types of exercise such as kickboxing, HIIT training, and weight training.

Having been exposed to many different education systems and cultures, I developed an appreciation for diversity and being open-minded, which is something I hope to pass on to my students.